Pulse On The Street: What is it and Where Can I Watch It?

Jacob Perkins
3 min readMar 22, 2022


Hey everyone! If you’re wondering what Pulse On The Street is, it’s our segment on social media where we hear the community’s thoughts and opinions on various topics. We love coming up with pieces that combine information with entertainment, and Pulse on The Street is a great way for us to have some fun while doing what we love! If you want to watch the episode, just head over to our Youtube channel and click on the Pulse On The Street playlist. We hope you enjoy it!

This Just in! Pulse On The Street is a Hit!

People love Pulse on The Street in person and online! We’ve found success with our soundbites being shared and liked online. What we do is have fun, I care about our community, I also like filming and editing videos with my friends. I wanted to build a youtube channel that provides utility. We utilize our Vimeo for our professional Portfolio so I wanted something on youtube people would look forward to.

I came across the idea to make Pulse on The Street after watching Channel 5 and All Gas No Breaks. At first, I thought it was a Borat segment intended to make fun of people, but once I saw how Channel 5 successfully showcases events I was hooked. What Andrew Callaghan has shown me is by nodding your head and allowing people to talk, there’s a part of America that isn’t put on TV.

Our editing style is intended to bring information with entertainment. When we film for 5+ hours to cut down to a 10-minute segment, there is a lot of footage, but not everything will be used. Now that we’ve filmed 4 episodes, currently editing the 4th, we’re going to try and answer what the purpose is and how can we convey what the point is.

Pulse On The Street Success

A lot of people have watched Pulse On The Street and find it entertaining, there are people when filming that ask not to be in it. Of course, we respect people’s requests and privacy. The success from Pulse On The Street is rewarding, how we know it’s a hit is when our fan base reacts to it on social media, they ask for another episode, and when the people that participate like it.

How Can You See Yourself?

If you were on camera and want the footage or clip from Pulse On The Street Contact us sooner rather than later, because once the episode is posted we delete the footage. Also, Follow us on Social Media to see what clips are put up before/after the episode airs.

Pulse On The Street: SXSW 2022

I’m excited for this project to come to light, I’m confident it’s going to be the best episode yet and it should be dropping the first week of April. There are over 8 hours of footage to comb through. We have the storyline in mind and if you were on camera during SXSW there is a chance you’ll make the 10-minute episode.



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